Sunday, August 12, 2012

planet zeeba and the visit from outta space

Aliens from Planet Zeeba were spotted walking in the brazilian jungle.
also reports from argentina indicate some visitors from other planets. 

There were a lot of  reports of aliens spotted in the jungles of Brazil.   Several of the aliens were caught on camera by two British tourists visiting the Mamaus region of the Amazon.
Standing just a few meters from a mesmerizing flashing light, were several children of the Amazon. Real aliens.

new prediction on planet zeeba

There are several sources that predict an alien attack coming from planet zeeba .
In November 2012 three giant aliens spaceships to Earth will come to the largest have a diameter of more than 320km have. The scientists have predicted the SETI program (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). John Malley, one of the experts, said: ”Currently, the three spacecraft at Jupiter, starting from its current rate, they will reach Earth in Autumn 2011..”
The ships could be seen about in November 2011 for normal telescopes, if they happen to Mars. The U.S. government has been informed by the scientists on the visit.
From August, the U.S. would prepare its population to the alien attack, said John Malley 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Planet Zeeba - The DNA Source of alien life

Planet Zeeba - The DNA Source of alien life

quasicrystals are responsible for the existence of life on earth today! these quasicrystal found on asteroids are the proof that life on earth came from outside and was not created on earth! it was only replicated here!
israelis scientists confirmed this now! The researchers tracked down the man who discovered the stone in 1979, after having reconstructed how the sample was passed through the hands of several dealers and smugglers to Florence. Valery Krjatschko then had the task of looking in the Koryak Mountains for platinum. Traces of the precious metal he was not, but some rock samples with metallic inclusions. With his help, found the expedition, which had 13 participants, additional samples of exotic rock. And the researchers were able to confirm that the quasi-crystals came from a meteorite.
it seems like we are an experiment of the aliens from zeeba. they come from time to time to check how their experiment works and by how far humans are equal to them.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Will Earth be reborn by aliens

Another year and a half ago it seemed that predictions about future changes to our planet in the current 2012 - it's just another joke press; imposed by the picture to distract people's attention from pressing problems. Only on some "spaces" Internet hosts "mountains" of materials on this topic. Global warming, earthquakes, tsunamis, huge gaps in the ground, the anomalous cold and heat, floods and floods. And yet, the majority of people trust the comments that accompany each event happened. And they are reduced to that - it's just the physical phenomena inherent in the nature of the earth. Well, think of an earthquake, and when they were not there? Floods? Yes, we have for the first time rivers overflow their banks?

Will extraterrestrial help us?

In the coming months, the world might be paralyzed. Time to prepare for the worst. In scientist`s opinion, in the coming months, our daily star will be extremely anxious. This is related to the upcoming peak in solar activity, which is forecast for 2013 according to experts, there is a serious risk of a solar storm, which will lead to global catastrophe.Despite the fact that ordinary people often are not aware of this, many governments are preparing for the possible crisis caused by an increase in the number of bursts on our nearest star. Some of the projected effects are very rare, but once they occur, the consequences can be devastating. Hero of the research center, located in Didcot, in Oxfordshire, revealed that crisis management centers operating in different countries now exchange risks the effects of solar storms in one go next to such hazards as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis occur. If there is a storm with the most predictable of solar power, the consequences can be dire. It can lead to network failure,electrical , telecommunications equipment and satellites. Will they come to safe us? Is that what Mayan predicted? Catastrophe, end of Earth and rescued by aliens?

Curiosity to find alien life on mars

After the spectacular landing on Mars, the rover "Curiosity" with the preparation has started on his research. The question of whether extraterrestrial life on Mars will have to face is even.
It is possible that it will live on Mars or that there are at least live on mars was. The selection of material that the rover sends is huge. In the course of his first day on Mars sent "Curiosity" about 40 megabytes of data to Earth. Among them now are also some high quality photos and a small video of the landing approach. In the pictures a few kilometers distant mountain is seen to roll the "Curiosity" within the next year. The mountain is over 5,000 meters high. "Curiosity" is the most expensive and most sophisticated robotic vehicle that was ever sent to Mars. Over the next two years, the rovers on Mars looking for signs of life and lay the foundation stone for manned missions. I hope curiosity will soon find the extraterrestrial.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

People from Space

Dogon is one of the most mysterious tribes of Africa . The complex and fascinating mythology of tribal customs of interest for years ethnographers and anthropologists. They are also interested in the history of the archaeologists, because they have been unable to accurately determine the origin of this remarkable people. The tribe, which has over 400 thousand members live in central Mali, West Africa, where land is the color of ocher, the official language is French, and about 80 percent African population speaks Bambara language. Dogon claim to be descendants of the first people on Earth, and on the planet came from planet Sirius.Their beliefs and traditions, as well as a fairly detailed knowledge of space make this an African tribe, one of the most interesting people in the world. Villages Dogon are stretched to a length of 150 km along the Bandiagara fault. The gigantic escarpment rising to a height of more than 500 meters gave people a good position to defend against the attacks of neighboring tribes. The slope is more than 30 settlements. Originally, in area lived closer to unidentified people Tellem , who began a breakneck construction - houses were almost glued to the walls of the cliff. Around 1500 AD the Dogon arrived here and built the village up to the foot of the cliff. The whole area is now called the Dogon country. Will Sirius`s tribe survive the coming years?